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Everyone has a story.

Let us help you tell yours in a way that will unlock your potential.


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We don’t just create videos.
We grow businesses using video as a tool.


We understand the impact of video and what it’s proven to do for businesses.
This is exactly why we create “The Video Business Card”.

we KNOW that business owners do two things often…

  1. Repeat themselves.
  2. Explain themselves.

Well, what if we told you that video can do these two things better than you can — every time.

Instead of relying on the client to visualize and imagine what you are telling them, we can SHOW them exactly what you envision.

A video business card captures the story behind what drives you. Video is the most visually stimulating and attention grabbing form of advertising. It saves you time, warms up your leads visiting your website or social media, and creates an understanding of your reality. Most importantly, It emotionally connects with the viewer, and is able to invite them to do business with you


  • 78% of all mobile data will be video by 2021.- Facebook IQ
  • 82% of business owners confirmed that video had a positive impact on their business – Tubular Insights
  • On average, visual content performs 4.4 times better than text-based content – Chute And Digiday
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text – Forbes
  • The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. This fact alone should encourage you to consider adding video to your marketing. Forbes
  • 64% of customers say that seeing a video makes them more likely to buy.  – Vidyard
  • 60% of marketer’s digital advertising budgets are allocated to digital video – IAB
  • Incorporating video into a company’s landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more. – Eye View Digital
  • Video now appears in 70% of the top 100 search results listings – Big Commerce
  • Product videos can increase purchases by 144% – (Retailer reported) – Neil Patel
  • 59% of users would rather watch a video than read text-based content – Vidyard
  • Using videos on landing pages will increase conversions by 86% – Wordstream
  • The average amount of videos published by companies has increased by 29% over last year. – Vidyard

Businesses we have worked with:

WOVEN – Grae Productions

Schenkar Luxury Homes – Guatape, Colombia

ARTLAB – Grae Productions

Blue Collar American Dream Conference

Schenkar Construction

Buzzkill Beverages

Atlanta Braves Stadium


SRQ Beats

Mind Body Restore

“Just Us” – Sarasota House Music Events

Kale Love

Peas Love & Kale

Sarasota Slingshots

Meszoros Group

Sarasota Farmers Market

South Florida Tourism

Reversing Cancer With Anthony Serna

Wright Yachts



Jai Thai University Ave

Wilderness Awareness School


The Shop Clubs, Seattle WA

San Luis Obispo, CA Tourism

Capital City Yachts

Hampton Yacht Group

Boats Afloat – Seattle, WA

Chicago Title

Mr. Detail – Seattle, WA

West Seattle Water Taxi

Kalymnos, Greece Tourism

The Freemont Gymnasium

Shilshole Bay Marina

Electric & Folding Bikes Northwest

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